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The Power of GREAT Customer Service

That’s right, GREAT not just good. We’re talking about the kind of customer service that makes you want to jump through the phone and hug the representative, or write an extremely friendly review with copious amounts of explanation marks and smiley faces.

Customer service is the assistance and support businesses offer their customers and it is critical to business success – Why? – We’re here to spell it out for you.



82% of customers stopped doing business with a company after a bad customer service experience*.









A good product at a great price is fantastic, however as easy as it is to attract customers with this formula, it’s even easier to lose them. Poor customer service leaves a bad taste in the mouths of your followers and can lead to loss of business and ruthless word of mouth feedback.

Being one-step ahead is the aim of the game, so it is essential to understand what drives value for your customers. Start by developing a customer journey map, talk to them, survey them and watch their actions and reactions. This will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of your target customer, to follow their journey and identify key points in the purchase process where guidance and feedback from a representative would be helpful (without them having to seek out the help themselves!)

Not only does this show the customer that you are dedicated to ensuring they receive the best purchasing experience, you’ll find it also assists in managing client expectations and avoids any potential customer complaints down the track.



58% of customers are willing to spend more with companies that provide a great customer service experience*.











The old adage less is more does not apply to customer service (unless you’re a shop assistant and haven’t left the poor girl in change room 3 alone).

Communication is a critical skill in customer service. Clear communication skills will not only assist you in solving a problem as quickly as possible, it is also a huge relief for your customer to easily understand your instructions and/or recommendations.

Take note of some of these important communication rules:

1. If you’re communicating via email or online chat, spend time consolidating all your feedback to avoid numerous emails back and forth.

2. If the customer has complained negatively, always respond in a professional, positive manner and ensure the conversation ends with a solution the customer is happy with.

3. If you’re communicating over the phone, respect that the customer is busy and do your best to respond to their query in a timely manner.

4. Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up until the customer is happy with the result.



73% of consumers say that a friendly customer service rep can make them fall in love with a brand*.








This is an easy one that doesn’t need much explanation – just be happy. There’s a lot to say for a brand that has patient, positive and helpful customer service representatives.

Even if the customer has called to complain about something super menial, JUST SMILE AND WAVE FELLAS, SMILE AND WAVE.


By 2020, it’s predicted that customer service will beat out price and product as the key brand differentiator*. That’s just 3 years away, so it’s time to start fostering the power!

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, check out this example of amazing customer service –



Customer Service Experts






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