North Sydney Council

outdoor pedestrian awareness campaign 


Almost 1 in 3 pedestrians are distracted by mobile devices while crossing the road.


Develop an outdoor campaign to communicate the consequences of being a distracted pedestrian around roads and traffic in Sydney.


td manipulated the supplied hero imagery featuring a distracted pedestrian crossing the road, retouching background noise, visually enhancing the image and then adapting to greyscale. Further, a radial blur effect was included in the background to create a dynamic, 3D feel.

A rhetorical, rather than demanding headline was used to avoid reprimanding audiences. This placed the onus with audiences to introspectively consider their actions when it comes to road safety. The headline was further emphasised through the selection of a distressed font type.

A yellow highlight colour was integrated to contrast against the greyscale background and create strong visual cues of the consequences of being a distracted pedestrian.

The developed “Watch Out Cars About” logo lock-up mirrors a license plate and reinforces traffic creative theme.

The final artwork was then interpolated to increase the size to 200%, allowing the creative to appear across bus backs, bus shelters, billboards and street banners.


  • The campaign was supported and approved by the New South Wales State Government.
  • The campaign was run on media covering all of Northern Sydney and is still being rolled out across wider areas and medias.