my oral-b web application

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Drive engagement with Dental Professionals who are loyal to Oral-B.


Develop an Oral-B Dental Professional Web Application to provide Dental Professionals with the control to register, browse and manage their Oral-B Professional trial and recommendation programs.


TD leveraged the existing Oral-B database to develop a Web App interface for Dental Professional to access and manage their Oral-B profile and participation in Oral-B’s Professional Programs.

The Web App is accessible across all platforms and links to a central SQL database to ensure up-to-date data across all touch points (TD’s Oral-B database, Territory Manager dashboards, Dental Professional Profiles).

Dental Professional can now more easily register in the Professional Programs, update their Professional details, receive free personal trial products, exclusive trial prices, professional education and support and free samples and savings for their patients.

In addition, the Web App enables annual ongoing opt-in and push communications to continue the conversation with engaged Dental Professionals.


6,500 Dental Professionals currently registered and actively using My Oral-B Web App