hal group brand refresh and launch

brand refresh 

the brief

TD were asked to review and develop a new brand architecture for the HAL Group of brand. As part of the strategic process, we developed a new brand look and feel that extended across the Hal Group brand and all company sub-brands.

TD were then responsible for the development and execution of all marketing collateral, delivering a consistent brand message for the business across all marketing plans.

the strategy

TD initially conducted a re-branding workshop with selected Hal Group employees to gain an understanding of the company’s background, strengths, barriers and creative considerations. Leveraging the workshop insights, we developed the below requirements:

  • Brand Architecture.
  • Brand Positioning & Tagline.
  • Brand Refresh – logo & creative execution.
  • Stationery & Collateral.
  • Marketing & Communication Plans.
  • Specific Sub-Brand Collateral & Communications Plans.


the results

  • Consistent delivery of the Hal Group brand (& sub-brands) to the market.
  • Positive feedback from client & external stakeholders.
  • Leveraged for company re-launch.