mini moves early childhood education resource

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Munch & Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children, birth to 5 years, by promoting physical activity, health eating and reduced small screen time.

brief & challenge

Develop, execute and deliver a resource in partnership with Health Promotion, Northern Sydney Local Health District that supports Northern Sydney Early Childhood Services participating in Munch & Move. The objective was to assist Early Childhood Educators in teaching fundamental movement skills to children in a fun and engaging way every day.

The suite of collateral needed only easy-to-use for time poor Educators, but also engaging and educational for the younger target market. Activities also needed to be achievable for Educators, using only resources found in typical childcare centres.


TD partnered with a selected group of Early Childhood Educators for a one-day workshop. TD leveraged their industry expertise to assist in guiding and critiquing the content, tone and creative concepts to ensure the resource met the needs of teachers and children. Upon workshop completion, we consolidated feedback and developed a comprehensive resource to assist Early Childhood Educators in creatively teaching children the twelve
fundamental movement skills.

TD developed the resource name, ‘Mini Moves’, logo and overall creative theme. Closely supported by our client through ongoing review and feedback, we worked to develop a suite of activities formulated around unique, fun and age-specific storylines, complemented by colourful, bold creative for each activity. Each activity incorporated both visual and content-based instructions to cater for varying learning preferences. Further target market testing was conducted prior to deployment of the resource to capture children’s’ feedback and response.


Teachers and children have positively received the resource including its strong, eye-catching design and unique approach to educating children. In addition, further Local Health Districts have also expressed their interest in attaining resources to distribute in their area. Stay tuned for further results to come.