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Foolproof Formulae for Creative Copywriting

Whether you’re writing a television commercial, online SEO keywords, social media posts, a teenage magazine column or a 1000 word Privacy Policy, there are infinite approaches to producing creative copy.

You can’t force creativity… you can however use the following rules to guide you in the right direction.

You will need: a notepad, a pen and possibly a double shot espresso to get your brains storming


This one is simple. Start by scribbling down all words associated with the product or service you’re writing for.

Once you’ve emptied your brain contents, hand pick keywords and combine these with their direct opposites (e.g. Serious – Fun, Fast – Slow).

Sounds silly right? Hey, a little juxtaposition can go a long way! Check out these taglines…

















If you’re struggling to find opposites to your keywords, try our second approach. Take your brainstormed list and find words that read or sound the same but have alternative meanings – more commonly known as puns.

It’s important to understand that not all puns will work. Have a go and dare to be different.
























You will most likely need a graphic designer buddy to pull off this tactic. Start by writing the most mundane, straight-to-the-point statement about the topic at hand. Simply note what the product does, or what the service is. Ditch the adjectives and snazzy wording for this one.

THEN, pair your boring bank of words with a quirky visual that answers the wording in an unusual way.

Although this sounds a bit wacky, brands use this technique more commonly than you think. Check out some of these examples below:


















It’s undeniable that audiences have a higher interest in campaigns they can relate to. Our final technique to achieve successful copy is to use borrowed interest to give an element of relevance and context.

Whether it is a well-known quote, a certain holiday, a popular television show, film, song or even a top-grossing app, associations can be powerful and successful when executed correctly.

Do a quick search of what’s currently trending in your target group and go from there. Here are some recent campaigns:
























Obviously not ALL of the above formulae will necessarily solve your copywriting roadblock… However they will get you thinking outside the box and away from the norm.

Remember, fishing for a single idea will not always be the matching piece to the puzzle!

Aim high, take risks, push boundaries, have fun and good luck!

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