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10 Marketing Blogs you need to follow!

In the competitive business world, we know how important it is to source original, quality marketing ideas. That’s why, when we are stuck for some creative flare, TD turns to a few leading marketing blogs for fresh insights and reliable viewpoints.

Whether you’re in need of digital marketing advice, or simply some content ideas to get you inspired for your own blog, we suggest you check these out –

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  1. HubSpot – Where marketers “go to grow.”


  1. Vero – Your need-to-know for everything email marketing.


  1. Hootsuite – All things social media – strategy, advice and tips.


  1. Intergeek – Your SEO & blogging mentor!


  1. Fast Company – Keeping you up-to-date with the fast moving business world.


  1. Influence & Co. – Downloadable resources for all your content marketing needs.


  1. SocialMouths – Need social media and business advice? Check out SociaMouths.


  1. Kissmetrics – Bank of engaging infographics on all topics marketing related.


  1. MozDigital marketing experts offering the best advice, research and how-to’s.


  1. Violeta Nedkova – An enticing perspective on creative marketing.


It takes a great marketing blog to know a great marketing blog!

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